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Bay area’s finest remodeling and home improvement resource. SimCity House Remodeling & Painting in Fremont CA with over 10 years 
of experience as a remodeling & painting company, we understand our customers’ demand and needs for their home improvement project. 
SimCity House Remodeling & Painting specialize in any Interior or exterior renovations including; bath remodeling, kitchen remodeling, 
house painting, garages renovation and custom homes remodeling, garden makeover.
The good news is that it is not as hard as many people think it is to choose the right contractor for any sort of home improvement project. 
All that it takes is a genuine desire to invest the right amount of time searching for someone good, and the willingness to invest the money 
to ensure that the final product is one that any homeowner would be proud of.  That’s why we are here for you and,  
help your home improvement project.

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    concreate additions
    demolition basements remodeling
    doors remodeling bathrooms remodeling
    windows remodeling decks remodeling
    drywall  enclosures
    plumbing gazebos & decks
    siding garage remodeling
    kitchen remodeling kitchens remodeling
    bathroom remodeling sun rooms remodeling

    SimCity House Remodeling & Painting in Fremont CA

    SimCity House Remodeling & Painting

    Fall in love with what your home can be. Right now, your house might have its oddity 
    and be a bit rough around the edges. It might be in need of some serious makeover and remodeling. 
    It has personality and the history to show for it, but you wouldn’t dream of moving. 
    Simcity House Remodeling and Painting Services in Fremont fixes houses, but we do more than that— 
    we make houses whole renovation. Please call Mr.Sim for estimation and onsite appointment.

    Please call Mr. Michael Sim 510-566-2175

    Kitchen remodeling 
    Please call Mr. Michael Sim 510-566-2175E-mail: [email protected]
    SimCity House Remodeling & Painting in Fremont CA

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